Ball Ticket – 80’s Disco Ball 2024


All prices are displayed in NZD and transactions are billed in NZD.


Tickets may be purchased by SGHS Year 13 students for themselves and their outside ball partners if their partner does not attend SBHS.

SGHS students attending with a student from SBHS can only purchase a single ticket, as their SBHS Partner will purchase their own ticket directly from their school.

Please take receipt of payment to Student Services at SGHS on Tuesday 14th May and Wednesday 15th May ONLY, where a numbered ball ticket will be issued to students.

This is a school-sanctioned event, so a zero-alcohol policy is in place.


Please note: Board financial procedure requires payment in full. Payments received will be allocated to the oldest unpaid fees and charges owing on your child’s account first. Extra-curricular activities such as this ball operate on a “pay before you play” policy.